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Your guide to cycle travel insurance by Yellow Jersey

At elitecycling we are really aware how important it is to have the correct insurance in place.  Frequently people believe, often wrongly, that their home insurance policy will cover them sufficiently for cycling holidays.  Once the main reason for the holiday is cycling, the majority of policies will not cover you.  Obviously, there are some that will, so check the small print carefully before travelling, as you don’t want to find out the hard way that you’re not covered! We must stress that anyone hiring a bike from us (Basso Venta) should have sufficient cover for the value of the bike which is £3500 and we require proof that you have cover for this before we can give you the bike. You can also add clothing and sundries like helmet and shoes etc.

With this in mind elitecycling have partnered with Yellow Jersey Travel Insurance as the travel policy covers all the standard things you expect plus lots more important specialist elements for cyclists.  As a partner of Yellow jersey you can also get 10% off the price by clicking the link. Yellow Jersey insurance includes:


  • Medical Expenses                     £10m

  • Repatriation                               £10m

  • Dental Treatment                       £250

  • Hospital Benefit                         £500

  • Valuables                                   £5,000

  • Trip Cancellation                        £5,000

  • Travel Documents                      £250

  • Delayed Baggage                      £250

  • Personal Money                         £500

  • Travel Delay                               £250

  • Holiday Abandonment               £5,000

  • Missed Departure                      £1,000

  • Loss of Limbs or Sight               £20,000

  • Permanent Disablement            £20,000

  • Death Benefit                             £10,000

  • Personal Liability                        £2m




  • Emergency Cycle Hire                £500

  • Race Fee Cancellation Cover     £500

  • Cycle Breakdown Benefit            £200

  • Cycle Repatriation Benefit          £250

  • Gadget Cover                             £2,000


Remember it’s a really good idea to buy your insurance as soon as you have bought your holiday that way you are covered immediately for things like trip cancellation!  

Covid 19 is also covered under the policy. Please read the detail on the website to make sure you are fully aware of the small print.

So head over to the Yellow Jersey home page and make sure you have all the cover you need or call them on 0333 003 0600

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